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Do NOT Drop the Camera…..

A couple of posts ago, I spoke about how I’m part of the boxing society and how I came to Norway with a plan to do it. I’ve also joined another society, except this one was a pretty spontaneous decision, so when I say ‘joined’ a more accurate description would probably be ‘gracefully crashed into’.

Oslo Student-TV is an online student television channel, produced by students and commanded from an office in Chateau Neuf (the student society). I volunteer as a journalist and prior to this, aside from editing my friends into scenes with their current TV crushes, I hadn’t had a lot of experience with making videos and much less professional productions. Fortunately I have two things on my side; an ability to enunciate and Shelby – who’s been a member of UCL Film Society for the past two years. On a serious note, I hadn’t really appreciated just how much time and effort goes into making TV but the pay off really is worth it. Volunteering there is a perfect mix of professionalism and goofiness…. as demonstrated by the five hours Shelby and I spent in the editing room working on our project wearing Viking and Soviet hats, respectively (pre-provided in the office).

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Vikings in the editing room

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Officially, I’m part of the “Nyheter” (news) department. Our first programme aired this week and is about how SIO (our student organisation) have switched from using an electricity meter in student housing to fixed rates (which is actually more ‘electrifying’ than it sounds… see what I did there?). It is in English, however I hope we’ll get to make some in Norwegian as well.

We already have a couple of news stories lined up for the next few months which I’m already pretty excited about! I’m also part of a collaboration with another journalist, Steffen, called “UK vs USA” in which we compare different aspects of American and British culture in a deadly serious completely humorous fashion.

We’re a little late for the September episode but, Oktoberfest and drunk Scandinavians permitting, we should be finished with the editing soon. Steffen is not only a really cool journalist for OSTV but he’s also a Youtuber – which means there’s also proof that we have filmed the thing!

You’re welcome to check out my OSTV profile, which will update with any new projects I’ve helped make. Feel free to drop in any time 😉 ——> (and please excuse the mildly surprised expression!).


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