If you’re reading this, it’s probably because
a) you like what I’m writing and generally want to find out more about the genius behind it *flutters ‘come hither’ eyelashes*
b) you’ve become slightly over sentimental after listening to “The Way You Look Tonight” and are here only as a result of googling a Frank Sinatra biopic
Either way, some form of explanation is probably necessary – though if you’re here due to the latter, you might find it less thrilling than the synopsis of a Sinatra movie (feel free to play “Fly Me To The Moon” a few times in order to ease the disappointment).

What’s with the blog name?

Just to be upfront about it, there is actually no one in my life called ‘Sinatra’ and I had no personal connection with Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is, in fact, my suitcase. My mum bought him for me before I went to China as moving to another country for a year meant that I had a lot of stuff to haul with me (granted ‘a lot’ was restricted to the 23K flight limit, but you get my point). Within five minutes of purchase, I had christened my new case by flying around the shopping centre on him, reminding him to ‘do it my way!’ whenever our choices of direction conflicted (and if you thought I was the sort of person above laughing at my own puns in public – you would be wrong). He has been my faithful travelling companion ever since and, considering years in different countries seem to be a reoccurring theme in my life at the moment, sometimes the same suitcase is the only consistency I can find!

Why have a blog?

I’m pretty into travelling and have done a fair share in the last few years. From August 2012 to August 2013, I spent a year in China with Project Trust, teaching English in a Chinese middle school (I also kept a sporadic blog at the time in order to keep those at home updated – a pink hair disaster and a very thorough bra fitting all included!). Then, most recently

with how I was and all the ‘quirks’ of China that I was confronted with. Whilst my posts perhaps weren’t as regular as they should’ve been, I quite enjoyed having a blog and apparently people enjoyed reading it.


Who on earth are you anyway?

Officially, I’m a student at UCL, studying for a BA in Viking Studies (because in this current economic climate, clearly plundering coastal towns and monasteries by long boat seems the only reasonable career option). HOWEVER, when I’m not studying for a future in putting the wind up monks’ habits, I devote a good amount of time of re-imagining my life as a Disney film.

In addition to travelling, languages and culture, I’m also pretty interested in reading, writing, boxing and feminism… so maybe you’ll see a couple of blog posts about

I’m not a professional blogger but if you like my posts then that’s awesome! But if you don’t then it really doesn’t matter because when you get yourself bitten in the Zombie Apocalypse, I really won’t have any qualms about decapitating you. 🙂



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